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Being Antipsychiatry Does Not Mean Being Pro-Suicide

I am not pro-suicide. I hope that all suicides stop happening. I am against psychiatric coercion. I am against psychiatric slavery.

I want to see an Earth that is so awesome that no one wants to engage in suicide. No one is motivated to engage in suicide. Implementing a universal basic income could help significantly to produce these outcomes. That is mostly the subject for another book however.

I am not writing and creating this book to be controversial. In fact, I would rather like to not be controversial. What is so radical about stating that only consensual psychiatry should be legal? What is radical about stating that peaceful, law abiding adults should not be locked up in a hospital against their will? Psychiatric units at hospitals effectively function as jails for those that do not want to be locked inside.

If we want to live in a quasi-theocracy then yes, let us indeed keep suicide prohibitions in place.

Judeo-Christian beliefs influence laws regarding suicide. Psychiatry deals with theology implicitly, since suicide leads to death, and death involves an afterlife, or lack there of.

If it is indeed saving a soul from hell, to use psychiatric coercion on them, and to effectively use violence on them, then yes, perhaps suicide prohibitions should remain in place. However, I do not even believe in Hell. There can certainly be human created misery here on Earth, however. Additionally, why would a God who is loving allow more suffering to happen to someone who has already subjectively experienced a lot of suffering?

It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero. This cannot be stated enough. It can also not be stated enough that we should use persuasion, reason, and kindness to reduce suicides. Not psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement.

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